Good Dental Hygiene Impacts Overall General Health

April 10th, 2024

There are many ways in which your oral health has an impact on your overall general health. There are naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth. Some of those bacteria, including strep and staph, are harmful, while other bacteria are essential for the balance of intestinal flora. The healthier your mouth is, the less likely it…
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Dangers of Thumb Sucking

April 3rd, 2024

It’s common for children to suck their thumb at a young age. Dr. Wrathall and Dr. Uggeri and our team want you to understand the potential issues that can surface down the road if the habit isn’t broken early on. It’s normal for infants to explore the function of their mouths by putting objects like…
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When a Baby Tooth Shouldn’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy

March 27th, 2024

Children’s baby teeth generally start to fall out when the adult teeth underneath them are ready to arrive. Visits from the Tooth Fairy begin around the age of six, and continue until the last baby molar is gone. But sometimes, we can’t wait for nature to take its course, and children need a dentist’s assistance…
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Tooth Eruption Timeline

March 20th, 2024

Parents, and even older children, can become concerned about tooth development. Wondering when teeth should erupt, and being concerned when the teeth do not appear on schedule, is common. First, you need to remember that each individual is different. Guidelines are just guidelines, but Dr. Wrathall and Dr. Uggeri and our team at Portage Pediatric…
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