“Wow, from the moment we walked in the door, to the moment we were leaving, we were met with such an outburst of kindness and joy. Every staff person we encountered was out-of-this-world kind and efficient. Just amazing at their jobs. That place is like a well-oiled machine with extra joy to make it even better! The facility is also exquisite. So beautiful and modern, yet very comfortable. They also go out of their way to schedule all three of our kids together if we want, or separately if we prefer that. Definitely 5/5 stars!”

— Abbey L.

“Portage Pediatric Dentistry does so well with my son! Two visits ago he really struggled, so this past visit they really took that into account. They are friendly and knowledgeable and truly focus on the individual child. I recommend them to anyone looking!”

— Kristina S.

“They are always very caring and very good about keeping me informed. The office is set up to be comfortable for and appealing to children. Dr. Jody is great and my son actually looks forward to going to the dentist!”

— Rita T.

“They were unbelievably awesome. They completely did everything they could possibly do to make my son, who had major issues with dentist and had major anxiety with dentist, totally chill. Will totally keep using and recommend them to everyone with little kids.”

— Ann W.

“We love Portage Pediatric Dentistry!! They go out of their way to be helpful and kind. They are so good with kids and make them feel comfortable. They even have fresh diapers in the bathroom if needed. I HIGHLY recommend this place!”

— Jennifer A.

“We had another fantastic experience with this office. My four-year-old daughter is delighted to come here. She’s taken care of by excellent, attentive staff. She not only gets her teeth cleaned, but gets to wear pink sunglasses and watch Moana on the ceiling TV above her chair. This office has a way of making this service magical for children. It’s worth the drive from Battle Creek! I’ll also add that today, Sue invited us to stay to watch her feed the fish in the salt-water fish tank. Another fun adventure at this exceptional office. Thank you!”

— Holly C.

“Very knowledgeable, kind staff that takes the time to explain everything and answer questions. Very nice setting as well: warm and welcoming and comfortable and really helps put the kids at ease.”

— Geoff B.

“The quality of care and customer service highly exceeded my expectation — a rare find these days. Every single person, whether over the phone or in person, was extremely friendly and caring. We will be coming here for many many years!”

— Danielle C.

“The staff is very kind! I love how they educate me, as I am a first-time parent, on how to give my child the best dental health habits. The environment is fun, colorful, and bright! It is so child-friendly, they even sing fun songs to help them relax and feel comfortable! I am so glad that this office is my daughter’s first experience with the dentist!”

— Anna S.

“My daughter was very scared to be at the dentist. But the kindness and patience of the staff that she had changed all of that. She became very comfortable and at ease. They told her every step and allowed her to ask any questions. I bring all three of my kids to Portage Pediatric Dentistry.”

— Daniela B.